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Bernd and Susan Richter

We moved to Alaska in 1995, after semi-retiring from careers in Austin, Texas, in search of a new lifestyle and to experience ONE Alaskan winter. We had already fallen in love with Alaska 9 years earlier during a 6-months road trip. But like so many, we wondered about the hardships an Alaskan winter would entail. Having heard all kind of myths (even before all the so-called Alaska Reality Shows) we wanted to see for ourselves. Having arrived in Alaska without a job or housing prospect, we lucked out to be offered a lodge sitting opportunity at a wilderness lodge across Kachemak Bay from Homer. Being located away from any road system and being accessible by boat or helicopter only, it was the perfect setting for a lifestyle change. Living in a one-room cabin without plumbing only added to it. The spectacular scenery, the remoteness, and the simplicity was all we had hoped for, except for the fact that we had landed in the 'banana belt" of Alaska. There was lots of snow, but temperatures never dipped below zero degrees Fahrenheit during that winter. So we decided to move north in search of the 'real' Frozen North. We found what we were looking for in Cantwell, a small Interior community just south of the entrance to Denali National Park. The excitement was great, considering that we had been familiar with Cantwell from one of our favorite TV shows back home in Texas, Northern Exposure. We never found the bowling alley or the catering business mentioned in that show, but we found winters long and cold enough to keep us inside just long enough to start our writing and publishing careers. Starting in 1998 with just one book, an Alaska Wildlife bandana, and some sewing products, our cottage business has now grown to include more than 40 books, a card game, 2 puzzles, the bandanas, and a series of greeting cards. During those years, we also have become 'seasoned' Alaskans, which means that we left the Frozen North of the Interior for relatively mild South-Central Alaska, the Anchorage area. 

We hope you will enjoy reading about our books and games on this website, and that you will find the one or other product that will peak your interest. You can order from us directly, in which case we'd be happy to sign and personalize any book, if so desired. Please send an email to brichter@alaskachildrensbooks.com with any questions. Thanks!

Greetings from Alaska,
Bernd & Susan Richter

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